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Trent Ezekial Lamont

"We keep this love in a photograph."

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Name:Trent Ezekial Lamont
Birthdate:Jul 21
Location:Greenwich Village, New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Trent Ezekial Lamont is the third of second of four children born to Cash and Lena Lamont, following sister, Jenny, brother, Greg, and beating his second brother, Blaize, by three years. However, Emmett was born female and named Casey, but it eventually came out he was transgender from childhood and now undergone full gender-reassignment surgery to male, the gender he has always known he was but led to a lot of pain and struggles before he could be who he truly was. The family grew up in Houston, Texas, and with both parents having many siblings, had cousins spread all over the country. Two of which are Angela and Ainsley from New York, their mom and Lena being sisters. Lena met Cash at Vanderbilt University when they were both living on campus and Cash proposed to Lena in their senior year. They moved to Houston together when Cash was offered a job he couldn't refuse, and they settled happily there, making it home.

Trent was always a pretty arty kid. Trent's parents bought him his first camera of his own at aged 12, and every second year since then would upgrade him to a newer model for his birthday. He knew there was no other career for him, and after topping his class in arts at high school, was accepted into the Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Photography, at the College of Fine Arts with the University of Texas. Although it was nearly 3 hours from to college from home, Trent only lived on campus during the weeks and commuted back home to be with his family on the weekends.

Some days, he wasn't quite sure how he got through it, because college wasn't easy for him. He found himself being the victim of some harassment once a group of jocks found out he had a transgender brother with Blaize going public on his YouTube channel. Trent supported Blaize 100% and thought it took so much strength and courage for him to do it. But life was hard for their entire family for some years. Eventually, their family decided to make the move to San Francisco so Blaize could have a fresh start and be as safe as possible. It was more emotional and psychological harassment than physical. Mostly it was cyber-bullying, and it caused Trent to delete all his social media accounts, which made it harder to stay up-to-date with his large extended family. Even though people suggested he make up a fake name, he was turned off interacting on the internet and threw himself into his studies, which resulted in him graduated as head of his classes, and hence having his pick of Masters courses.

He knew he wanted to pursue his Masters degree, but being at a crossroads in his life, he wasn't exactly sure what the next move in his life should be. He had no social life beyond a few select friends who he trusted, and who knew his family well. He had no love life because his lack of social media meant the couple of relationships he had died (even worse when one guy cheated on him with a guy from Grindr, not at all making his trust in social media better). And to top it all off, he was a shy guy, a little of what people might call 'nerdy', but that was simply a result of the fact he loved books and wore glasses. Given the chance, he could be quite outgoing if he trusted you... especially if you got him drunk.

It was Angela who ultimately threw him a lifeline. She called him up one day to check how he was, hearing through her mom - Trent's aunty - that he had fallen into a funk after graduated college and was merely taking pictures for a local newspaper back San Francisco rather than pursuing any bigger dreams with his gift. The reason she called him was that she had heard through one of her baby daddies, Lincoln Cole, the model who had been stabbed on the catwalk in New York, that one of the top fashion photographers in the business, Guy Palmer, had put a call out for qualified photographers to send him their portfolios because he was looking for an Assistant Photographer to help take some of the load off him.

Of course, Trent doubted he had what it took. He talked himself out of it no less than five times before finally FedExing his portfolio to Guy at the last minute, only just scraping the deadline. Less than a week later, he got a call from Guy's Business Manager offering him an interview with Guy at the beginning of December, though due to Guy's tight schedule and how far away Trent was, the interview was conducted by Skype. It was only three days before Guy called Trent personally and offered him the job... though there was a catch: Trent had to be prepared to start immediately, namely on the day after Christmas when Guy was booked to do a massive shoot with a brand new model on the scene, Paxton Carlyle for FABULOUS magazine. Paxton's Agent, Charlotte Davison, had head-hunted Paxton in England, and the lady didn't waste any time launching his career at top level.

Despite being terrified, Trent took the job and packed up his life to come to New York, where he found a cute little studio apartment in Greenwich Village that he fell in love with. However, just his luck, Christmas Day, the day before his first day on the job, he came down with what felt like was the flu from hell. Still, he dosed himself up on cold and flu pills and packed up his gear to head to the photoshoot, having absolutely no clue where this new chapter of his life would take him, and desperately pleading with The Powers That Be that he wouldn't fuck it all up

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